About Suparno

Name: Suparno


Born:July 27, 1991 Bojonegoro, Indonesia


I am a kindergarden teacher at “Trisula I” Bojonegoro City.My job is as awesome as fireworks!

As a kindergarten I’m a pretty caring and affectionate person, it’s in my DNA. One glance at a child in my class and we can probably figure out how he/she is feeling. i know instinctively when a kid needs help, a hug, some words of encouragement or when they need us to take a step back. I don’t only think about their learning but their social and emotional well-being as well. No matter what happens, good days and bad, I love to care about these little tikes and want to give them the best that we have to give everyday.

I can give them a praise and compliments or just some kind encouraging words not only the little people in my class but to people in general. Whenever I am around my children , i see the best in them and they see the best in me and we find inspiration in each other.

The teacher i am today its because of my colleagues and the children that I have been so lucky to teach.

But my real passion and my motivation its being creative that is the reason I get up every morning. I love making art and Wpap portraits are my life, I also make use of color Shark to create houses they are small and simple at by own business Gubuk Warna.

My other passions are climbing and mountain biking

I love being rewarded at the top of a punishing climb with a breathtaking view of a lake or the surrounding land. Just being able to escape the concrete jungle we all live in and returning to nature is incredible.

Any requests or ideas are welcome and great because i love a challenge!


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